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Get your face into shape with the Face Fit Functional Method
Online - at your own pace.

Choose the Right Plan for You


Quick and easy summary of the 6 steps to Face Fit

27 Face Fit activities with description and photos

Useful tips to good facial health long term

Anatomy chart

Online workshop

Evidenced-based 2 hours - 4 parts
Watch at your own pace
Guide you through underlying principles of Face Fit

What do we look the way we look?
The way we move - function
Age-related changes
6 Steps of the Face Fit Functional Method - including 27 Face Fit activities

Face Fit Video Library

Complete set of 27 videos of the Face Fit activities

Easy access to the videos in 1 place (these videos are seen throughout the workshop presentation)

Can watch multiple times and create your own bespoke program



Imagine if you could...

  • Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and seeing a vibrant, rejuvenated face in the mirror.

  • Turn back the clock on aging, naturally and gracefully, without relying on invasive procedures.

  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights and snoring, embracing restful sleep and energised mornings.

  • Empower yourself with simple, effective facial exercises that boost your confidence and wellness.

  • Join a community where aging is celebrated, and self-care is a joyful, shared journey.


Don't Let Your Face Miss Out

Face Fit is a 6 step program based on current research and plenty of years in the clinic getting our hands 'dirty'. 


We're two busy registered Australian health professionals, who share the motto 'what you don't invest into wellness you'll pay in illness'. 

Why Face Fit?

We created Face Fit to share our knowledge and passion so others can feel and function well. Would you believe it? This naturally improves our appearance.  


Once you have completed the Face Fit workshop and have an understanding of the principles underlying the program, you can then create your very own bespoke Face Fit regime to suit your needs. 


This can change for you over time - what is good for you now, may be different to what your body needs in a couple of year's time. 


At the end of the workshop, you will understand

  • basic facial anatomy - it's fascinating!
  • how to move and function - you'll be surprised at what you'll learn
  • what influences our face shape - it can change over time
  • and be aware of your good and not so good habits
  • how to optimise your facial features
  • what you need to do to monitor your facial fitness progress and keep your new healthy habits FOR LIFE!


Why do we look the way we look?

Of course our genetics influence how we look, but that only takes us so far and it doesn’t define our facial destiny.

We are much more than the face we see on the outside – we have 6 layers between the skin and our skull underneath. Each layer has a specific role to play in how our face shapes and ages over our lifetime.


The way we move

Moving our face and mouth properly directs what our face looks like – if you don’t move it, you lose it!

Our face forms its ongoing shape and support by our life health choices and circumstances and by how we breathe and move our face right from the moment we are born.


Learn how our tongue and our nose are the two most important features of our facial ageing.


Age related changes

Whether we like it or not, each year brings changes to our whole body.

Our skin, muscles and bones change yearly from about 25-30 years old and our face is often the first place that we notice the changes.

Learn how and why this happens and how we can slow the effects of ageing.


6 Steps of the Face Fit Functional Method

As the name suggests, this is not just a bunch of exercises. Part 4 guides you through the 6 Steps to Facial Fitness, including over 25  different activities.


It’s called the functional method because every activity and exercise helps to ensure you’re not just doing spot exercises on isolated areas of your face, but you’re learning how to use your whole face and your breathing, chewing and swallowing muscles correctly – making sure the right muscles are being used for the right job.


Every Smile, Every Wink

Embrace Full-Body Wellness with Face Fit

  • Face Fit E-book only

    Face Fit basics + exercises
    • Face Fit workshop + E-book

      4 Part (2 hr) online workshop + E-book
      • Access to 4 Part Face Fit Online Workshop (2hr)
      • Face Fit Functional Method E-book
    • Face Fit workshop + video library

      4 Part (2 hr) Workshop + E-book + exercise VIDEO LIBRARY
      • 4 Part Face Fit Online Workshop (2hrs total)
      • Face Fit E-book
      • Face Fit exercises VIDEO library

    Face Fit is For You If..

    • You're looking for natural, effective ways to look and feel youthful and vibrant.

    • You want to improve your sleep quality and wake up feeling refreshed.

    • You're looking for holistic solutions to facial health, beyond just skincare products.

    • You're ready to embrace a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.


    Are you ready to...

    • Embrace a transformative approach to facial wellness and overall health?

    • Discover the power of facial fitness in enhancing your natural beauty?

    • Join a supportive community focused on holistic, sustainable health solutions?

    • Experience the joy and confidence that comes from a revitalised, glowing appearance?

    • Take the first step towards a more balanced, vibrant life with Face Fit?

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