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Facial fitness

Evidence based program developed by health professionals

Model's Lower Face

Get your face into shape.

We spend many hours exercising our bodies, but forget about our face!

Get your face into shape at your own pace!

It’s an alternative to facial injectables therapies OR use it to compliment your facial injectables program.

Evidence-based program developed by a couple of busy registered health professionals to be used by EVERYBODY and ANY age.


Help with sagging of the cheeks, jawline and eye area


Improve facial tone - plump up those cheeks!


Define your jawline, cheeks and chin


Help with tiredness


Simple double chin tips!


Optimise facial firmness

3D Face Parts

Did you know that the face muscles need exercising too


If we don’t use them correctly throughout our life, they lose full capacity. If we don’t use it, we lose it!

Starting right now you can begin to reduce some of the signs of aging and learn how to improve the tone of your facial muscles to help maintain facial muscle definition and continue to optimise facial firmness.

After age 25, our face changes in minute ways which increase each year.

By mid 30s our face begins to lose fullness and show minute signs of sagging.

The Face Fit Functional Method (Face Fit) teaches how to move your face and mouth muscles to get your face into shape!


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